How is Will Barton going to affect the Denvers Lineup and rythym?

Will Barton the Denver Nugget's shooting guard and small forward who has been in rehab for his knee injury could make his way into the NBA Orlando bubble. The Denver Nuggets have been able to survive without there valuable starting small forward, with their long defensive replacement in Jerami Grant whom Denver picked up on the off season. Jerami Grant has been a defensive jaugernaut all season being ready to pick up on any player harass them, his defense as well as the addition of Gary Harris who was also out with an injury has helped Denver push back a sweep from the Utah Jazz. Denver's defense has been able to contain most of Utah's productive scorers to Game 7 that Denver narrowly won. In Game 2 of the Clippers series is quite impressive considering Denver was blown out the game before, Denver was able to keep the stars in the highly favored Clippers in check not letting them get into their rythym. Barton is a key offensive veteran role player for Denver and has been playing for the organization since 2014. Barton this season has been able to put up averages of 15 points, 6 rebounds, 1 steal, and 1 block per game. Barton will be able to mesh back in with Jokic and Murray just fine based on how Jerami Grant has been not to hot on offense. Denver Nugget's Will Barton will certainly help on both ends of the court and will help with team morale aswell as leadership if the Nuggets survive to a game 6 with the Clippers.

When asked about his return to the Bubble Will Barton had this to say, I feel like I'll be able to make my return pretty soon but I'm patient so I don't backtrack and mess up my kneee again. I'm confident in our guys to get the job done especially Murray you know he's been pullin us through as well as Jokic